Good Gemstones Oval Cabochon Rutile Quartz rings grandfather gift


Rutile Quartz Good Gemstones exporter Ring- 925 Sterling Silver Yellow Rutile Quartz Ring – Rutile Quartz Ring, 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow , home & living, Gemstones rings, father’s day gift, c ushion cut ring, greatest seller, Ring home & living, Rutile Quartz Good Gemstones, Ring gift for fathers day **** Rutilated Quartz gets its name from the needle-like strands of a material called “Rutile” that are imbedded in the quartz crystal in the form on incl usions. Rutile derives its name from the Latin word “Rutil us” or “red”, and is used to reference the deep red color observed in some specimens. Rutile is a mineral composed of titanium dioxide which crystallizes in the tetragonal crystal system, usually forming in a prismatic or twinned configuration. Rutile needles have a “acicular” crystal habit.